What is a Breakfast Club?

Before school, children are given a free breakfast in a positive, social environment.
Attendance is open to all students, and the breakfast clubs are well-patronised across all demographics.
The benefits of a breakfast club are felt by everyone involved in the program. But the most significant benefit is providing breakfast to children who otherwise would have missed one of the most important meals of the day.

The Model

The operating model is simple:
  1. A school contacts Let’s Feed, or we approach a school
  2. An initial meeting identifies breakfast needs
  3. Donations are arranged (Note: donations are sought and given continually, meaning the program has run consistently since inception)
  4. A supermarket online order is set up
  5. Free delivery
  6. Schools run and coordinate the breakfast clubs for children
How to contribute
We can all contribute in different ways, even if available time is limited. The average Let’s Feed Breakfast Club meal cost 50 cents. A $10 donation can provide 20 meals to children who need it most.
  1. Financial donations
  2. Sponsor a school
    • Full year
    • Partial donation
    • Weekly donation
    • Sponsor a meal
  3. Donate breakfast items direct to the school
  4. Donate equipment
    Schools often require new equipment. Items that are often in demand are:
    • crockery
    • toasters
    • refrigerators
    • freezers
  5. Volunteer your time to run the programs
Talk to Let’s Feed about how you can help the day-to-day operations of breakfast clubs, ensuring children get a proper breakfast at a local school.